T-SQL Tuesday #84: Growing New Speakers

tsql2sday150x150Andy Yun (b|t) is playing host for Adam Machanic’s (b|t) monthly #tsql2sday blog challenge and the topic is something I’ve been struggling with the past few months, Growing New Speakers.

In a perfectly timed confluence, this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic showed up on my Twitter feed.


I can easily place the Grant Fritcheys and Pinal Daves of the world on this chart (well, let’s be honest, they’re kinda off the chart).  I can also place where I boisterously explained something only to have my friendly DBA sidebar me an email letting me know my deficencies.  I’d put myself, and stop me if you feel this way too, firmly in the camp of the downward slope knowing that I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about but being hesitant to talk about it just in case I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

I think it’s that feeling of inadequacy that leads to the dip in the graph and lots of valuable information is lost because people don’t have the courage to start working up the hill.  It’s time to correct that.

I’m aiming for my graph to look like this instead.




Interestingly enough, the fundamental assumptions I need to make are also the hurdles I need to overcome in building confidence.

  • Accept that I know what I’m talking about.
  • Accept that I still need to learn more about what I’m talking about.
  • Accept that it’s OK that I don’t know those things.
  • Remember that others can find value in what I NOW consider to be trivial.

I’ve done trainings before, plenty of them, but I’m a very informal kind of person and probably don’t give myself enough credit for my ability to explain things.  While spitballing a couple ideas, I’ve decided I should do a talk on the OUTPUT command.  Why?  I do a lot of ad hoc scripting and it’s an invaluable tool for keeping track of what was and what is, and I can’t say that it comes up all that often in example scripts.  Is a basic explanation enough for a 50 minute webinar?  Probably not.  Could it be?  Sure.


So, it’s decided.  I’m going to start there.  Given that this blog has taken a back seat to house buying and wedding planning, I should really start with a blog post.  Or two.  Probably four.  And get someone to review my stuff.  I might ask some of my favorite Twitter people like Andy Mallon or Kenneth Fisher for advice.  Maybe I can get a minute or two of Kendra Little’s time.  She’s spunky.  I’ll need data (Brent Ozar has mentioned that StackOverflow is a far more realistic database than AdventureWorks) and demos.  People love demos.

Once that’s all done I’ll need a place to present!  Well, there’s another challenge.  Florida has about a bajillion SQL user groups and it seems like I’m conveniently located close to none of them.  Tampa is closest, with Miami second, but they’re both still two plus hours away so making meetings on weeknights hasn’t exactly been practical.  I attend webiners for the virtual chapter a lot but don’t know much about it beyond that if we’re being perfectly honest.  Let’s start with the blog posts on the OUTPUT command first and work our way up, shall we?

Talk to you soon!


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